Other Important Information

Other Important Information


The check-in time of the villa/apart/apartment is earliest 04.00 p.m. on the starting day of reservation. The customer cannot enter the villa/apart/apartment before the specified time. SENİN VİLLAN cannot be held responsible for the problems which arise from the cannot entering the villa/apart/apartment if the customer arrives before the specified time. However, homeowners can give initiative for early check-in. This initiative of homeowners depends on situations such as early finished cleaning, early delivery of building. But SENİN VİLLAN doesn't give guaranty for early check-in. The check-out times of the villa/apart/apartment is latest 11.00 a.m. at the end of the reservation for all regions. Travel plans should be made according to these hours for both sides not to be victims. If you want to check-out early, you should give information about this situation to the SENİN VİLLAN 24-hours ahead. If the customer checked-out without controlled the villa/apart/apartment due to intensity the damage deposit will be sent to the accounts code that the customer will notify, and forwarding charges will pay inside the damage deposit. If the customer willingly leaves the villa/apart/apartment no refund will be made for the accommodation fee of the customer.


The number of guests above the number of people on the reservation or number of people on the website cannot definitely accept to the villa/apart/apartment. (including children and babies). If the customer wants to change the number of guests after the reservation is done, the customer will apply to the SENİN VİLLAN in written and if SENİN VİLLAN finds appropriate according to the capacity of the villa/apart/apartment, this change will be approved. SENİN VİLLAN can request extra payment from the customer. After entering the villa/apart/apartment, guests cannot be accepted to the villa/apart/apartment except for the guests mentioned on the reservation list. Otherwise, SENİN VİLLAN has the right of asking guests to leave the villa/apart/apartment, the right of completely cancel the reservation, the right of asking guests to leave the villa/apart/apartment without waiting for the end of the rental period, the right of asking to pay all or extra price. In the process of renting the villa/apart/apartment, operations are done in line with the declaration of the customer. The customer accepts that the given information is correct and complete, and all responsibilities that arise in this respect.


The entrance cleaning is including the daily, weekly, monthly villa/apart/apartment rental prices. Weekly cleaning and changing the bed linens /towels etc. are including the prices of the accommodation which is for two weeks and over. Except for this, requested cleaning and changing bed linens/ towels etc. are for a fee. Pool and garden maintenance is done at the early hours in every morning and if there is any problem in the rental period, will be resolved by SENİN VİLLAN. The employee in charge needs to enter the garden or inside of the villa for all villas' pool, garden, and other fixtures maintenance. The customer should allow that the employee in charge enters the villa/apart/apartment when necessary for these services to be able to run without a hitch. Unless otherwise stated on the villa/apart/apartment detail page on our website, electricity, water, bottle gas, pool luminance, internet connection, and air conditioner are included in the prices. Pool luminance, air conditioner, and internet may not standardly in the all-villa/apart/apartment. For this reason, you should read well the properties of the villa/apart/apartment you rent from the properties pages of villa/apart/apartment.


Bringing pets is forbidden at the all rental villas/aparts/apartments except the villas/aparts/apartments which pets are allowed. Otherwise, SENİN VİLLAN has single-sided right to rescind the agreement and the right of dispossessing the customer without any refund to the customer. In the confined spaces of all villas/aparts/apartments cannot smoke.


The villa/apart/apartment rental prices specified on the website are daily, weekly, and monthly. The deposit can be paid to our accounts code via money order or EFT.


You have the right to changing reservation dates, but this situation depends on few conditions.

The change is only valid for the same villa and the reservation change fee is 200 TL. The change of your reservation date even a day means that all forms which sent to you and to the homeowner are changed and re-send. Moreover, it means that price gap of season change is re-calculated and pre-payment which are done to the homeowner and bills which are invoiced to the homeowner are changed. This fee is required since it brings us a serious workload.

It is also a separate criterion for how long you want to change your reservation date to your entry date. If the date of check-in to the house is less than 45 days, you cannot do date changing. This is why the possibility of renting the house to another guest for a short period of 45 days is very small.


A different amount of damage deposit will be collected from the customer according to the property of villa/apart/apartment. The amount of damage deposit is located in the confirmation document which is sent to the customer at the reservation time in written. The damage deposit will be collected in cash from the customer on the day of check-in to the villa/apart/apartment. If there is no damage, broken, missing etc. in the fixtures of the villa/apart/apartment at the control which will be done before the customer check-out, the damage deposit will be refunded in cash to the customer. If the customer wants to leave the villa/apart/apartment early in the hour specified in the contract or the control cannot be done at the check-out of the villa/apart/apartment due to the intensity, the deposit will be sent to the accounts code that will be taken by the customer. If the damage in the villa/apart/apartment is the bigger price than the received deposit, the customer will be asked to pay this damage, otherwise we will go to laws.


The heat of the swimming pool of the villa/apart/apartment varies according to the weather condition and seasonal temperature. SENİN VİLLAN cannot be held responsible for that the customer, who rent the villa/apart/apartment, cannot enter the pool because the pool is cold, and so the customer cannot use the pool. The customer, who will rent the villa/apart/apartment, can get information from the website of General Directorate of Meteorology or by calling to General Directorate of Meteorology in order to learn weather condition at the date which the customer will rent the villa.


SENİN VİLLAN is responsible for delivering the villa/apart/apartment to the customer clean and ready to use at the specified date and time. If there is any broken stuff, not working stuff or any malfunction at the entrance of the villa/apart/apartment, the customer will give prompt notice to the SENİN VİLLAN and the customer wants these malfunctions resolved. SENİN VİLLAN will notify these malfunctions to the relevant company or the owner of the villa/apart/apartment, and they will provide resolving these malfunctions within 48 hours at the latest. SENİN VİLLAN is not responsible for resolving malfunctions, they only help to resolve malfunctions. SENİN VİLLAN cannot be held responsible for the malfunction that didn't notify at the right time. SENİN VİLLAN is the middleman between the owner of the villa/apart/apartment and the customer and for this reason, the owner of the villa/apart/apartment is responsible for resolving malfunctions that may be in the villa/apart/apartment. SENİN VİLLAN cannot be held responsible for events, which may be occurred at the villa such as fire, robbery etc. and may be shown up except for this, and accidents which customers have their own responsibilities such as illness,           physical injury, drowning at the pool, death, robbery etc. Except this, SENİN VİLLAN will not definitely responsible for reaching the customer to the villa/apart/apartment, on their return, the problems that arise from any services, that taken from the third person/company, such as a trip, shopping, food, drink, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance etc. After the customer left the villa/apart/apartment, the customer cannot request any right and refund for a service that didn't take due to the malfunction, which didn't notify to the SENİN VİLLAN, during the period when the customer stayed in the villa/apart/apartment.


Customers are responsible for using cleanly of villa/apart/apartment, garden furnishings, electric-electronic items, which delivered running and durable, and other furnishings. Customers must cleanly keep kitchen stuff which delivered cleanly. Villa/apart/apartment should be delivered at the check-out day in a way that all trashes thrown away and dishes washed. Otherwise, SENİN VİLLAN will take a cleaning price from the damage deposit for the situations that the villa/apart/apartment is dirty.

If any damage occurs at the villa/apart/apartment, the customer is responsible for notifying this situation to the SENİN VİLLAN. The price of all kinds of goods customers lost and of all kinds of damage that customer will give to the villa/apart/apartment during the time when customers stayed will take inside damage deposit if damage deposit was taken. If the price bigger than the damage deposit will ask to pay in cash from customers.

Moreover, customers and company should take care of obeying social and moral principles, not making a noise like to disturb the environment, not listening loudly music, not acting like forbidden and transgressive behavior in Turkey. If any complaint which is about customers and company for such reasons is received to SENİN VİLLAN, SENİN VİLLAN has a right of asking customers to leave the villa/apart/apartment without the reservation time is not over.

SENİN VİLLAN cannot guarantee hundred percent of invisibility for people who will stay at the secluded, conservative (its pool cannot appear from outside) on the specified website. As to the invisibility, customers must provide their own privacy. In such problems, SENİN VİLLAN doesn't accept responsibility. SENİN VİLLAN cannot be held responsible for such problems.

The hirer (customer) must read, understand, and sign "Villa/Apart/Apartment Rental Agreement", which is regulated by SENİN VİLLAN, at the entrance of the villa/apart/apartment. Otherwise; all money which is paid to SENİN VİLLAN by customers won't refund to the customers and customers won't stay the villa/apart/apartment (the rental operation is canceled single-sided by SENİN VİLLAN). SENİN VİLLAN will gain the right of asking all money in the contract. You can get a copy of the rental contract of the villa/apart/apartment from the site, or you can want this from the authority of SENİN VİLLAN.


SENİN VİLLAN and the customer can mutually cancel this agreement without any legal liability in situations that are included in the scope of force majeure. The wars in the country, natural disasters in the area to be accommodated, epidemic diseases in the country will evaluate the scope of force majeure.


Customers will immediately notify their complaints, which are during they stay at the villa/apart/apartment, to the SENİN VİLLAN. The complaint will be examined by the staff of SENİN VİLLAN and the necessary measures will be taken immediately. SENİN VİLLAN won't be held the complaints, which weren't notified during the accommodation times, and complaints which will be notified after the accommodation is over and leaving the villa/apart/apartment.


SENİN VİLLAN won't explain personal information except that defined in Privacy Policy and Use Policy to any company or third party. SENİN VİLLAN doesn't sell personal information of visitors, registered users, and partners to the third party. Personal information means any kind of information to identify the user such as name-surname, address, telephone number, e-mail etc. SENİN VİLLAN can use personal information in order to determine the user profile in own domain and to conduct statistical studies, and SENİN VİLLAN can share with the third party only in order to conduct these studies. SENİN VİLLAN promises to show the necessary attention and to take necessary precaution for personal information strictly private and confidential, assuming it as obligation to keep a secret, provision and maintenance of privacy, and all or any part of the confidential information prevent revelation to the third party or unauthorized use or enter the public domain. Although SENİN VİLLAN has taken necessary information assurance precautions, if confidential information is damaged or is caught by the third party due to attacks to the system and to the site“www.seninvillan.com”, SENİN VİLLAN won't any responsibility. The website www.seninvillan.com can link to other websites. www.seninvillan.com have not any responsibility for contents and applications for the privacy of the websites, which are reached via links. www.seninvillan.com determines IP addresses of users when necessary and uses them. IP addresses can be used in order to define users in general and to collect comprehensive demographic information.


  1. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for situations that cannot be prevented by SENİN VİLLAN such as ways which for the villa/apart/apartment are rough, slope, stabilized, wet ground etc.
  2. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for any negations such as an accident that may occur during transportation to the villa/apart/apartment.
  3. If different materials (deodar, ground fir, some plastic goods, any kind of plants in the villa/garden) which are used in the structure of the villa annoy the customer in terms of health or physiologic, SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for this situation.
  4. Customers who will accommodate in all villas/aparts/apartments are required a private car. Customers are responsible for their transportation to the villa/apart/apartment. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible.
  5. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for the dissatisfaction of the customer who rented the villa/apart/apartment due to the geographic location of the villa/apart/apartment.
  6. SENİN VİLLAN approximately marks the location of the villa/apart/apartment over the Google Maps.
  7. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for the damage of private car or car that you rented for the transportation to the villa/apart/apartment.
  8. The customer who rent the villa/apart/apartment is responsible for the customer's vehicle (motorcycle, car etc.) is low-slung, and the vehicle's engine power is weak, and the customer's driving novice, and correspondingly any negativity that may arise due to the inability to reach the villa/apart/apartment. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for problems such this or similar.
  9. "Table of distance" which is specified in the detail page of the villa/apart/apartment on the “www.seninvillan.com” is written as approximately. The distances are not clearly specified. There may be minor misconceptions. The customer who rent the villa/apart/apartment accepts to take into account it.
  10. The distances in the "Table of distance" which is specified in the detail page of the villa/apart/apartment on the “www.seninvillan.com” is written by taking into account closest restaurant, settlement, airport, and the public transport path. If specified restaurant or grocery closed, SENİN VİLLAN cannot accept the responsibility.
  11. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for all accidents that may occur at the pool of the villa/apart/apartment such as drowning, dropping, hurting leg, hurting arm.
  12. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for electricity cut due to electricity company, and telephone and internet cut due to the telecom, and all accidents in the villa/apart/apartment due to the customer, and events such as fire,       leakage of electricity, leakage of gas, and the deaths resulting therefrom.
  13. The villa/apart/apartment and posted on the website are the same. Excuses such as they don't seem like on the site, and they look better on the site, and their size of the site is greater etc. cannot be accepted. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for these excuses.
  14. SENİN VİLLAN cannot definitely be held responsible for events such as scorpion sting, insect sting, dog biting etc.
  15. Rental policy is literally valid in the situations such as funeral, death, wedding, health issues, accident, or cancellation of permission of public or private company personnel, and cancellation is not possible.

The customer accepted all conditions we have mentioned above. If the customer struggles to cancel for rental agreement by creating excuses SENİN VİLLAN can be used the right of cancellation the agreement single-sided and asking the price of agreement.


Kaş Enforcement Offices and Courts are entitled any conflict which may occur about subjects to the scope of this contract.


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